The Complete Guide to CBD Flower

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CBD flower is what CBD oil was five years ago. There’s a huge demand for legal hemp across the country, and enjoying this non-intoxicating form of cannabis is the perfect way to keep stress at bay.

Learn everything you need to know about CBD flower for sale the best ways to use it in this guide.CBD flower comes from Cannabis sativa, just like marijuana. Unlike its intoxicating cousin, however, CBD does not have any notable psychoactive effects, which is why researchers have determined that this cannabinoid is non-intoxicating.

In every other way, however, CBD flower looks, smells, and feels just like the THC-rich cannabis strains that are available in recreational marijuana states. CBD won’t mess with your head, however, and CBD flower for sale is one of the cleanest and most efficient ways to enjoy this trending cannabinoid.

Most people either smoke or vape CBD flower, but you can also use hemp nugs to make your own CBD edibles or topicals. The flowers from Cannabis sativa are, after all, what is used to make every CBD product on the planet, but it takes a lot of time and technical know-how to extract CBD oil and formulate products in your kitchen.

Instead, we recommend you vape CBD flower or enjoy a CBD pre-roll from time to time. We’ll cover all the different types of CBD flower products in this guide and help you make the right choice.

CBD Flower Terms You Should Know
Hemp flower: Is the same thing as CBD flower
CBD pre-rolls: Are CBD “joints” with less than 0.3% THC
Non-intoxicating: Indicates that CBD flower does not cause an intoxicating effect
Terpenes: Flavorful plant oils that are naturally expressed in cannabis
Flavonoids: Similar to terpenes, flavonoids have potent antioxidant effects
Manicured: Is a term used to refer to buds that are hand-trimmed and high-quality
Indica-dominant hemp: Contains terpenes that cause a soothing or relaxing effect
Sativa-dominant hemp: Has an energizing, uplifting effect

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