Must-Have Accessories For Marijuana Fans

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Cannabis fans no longer need to fear smoking, vaping, or dabbing their favorite strains. Although it’s not legal to roll a joint on a park bench, it’s far easier for weed fans to enjoy their favorite herb without constantly looking over their shoulders. Plus, in cannabis-friendly states, it’s getting more common for tokers to “accessorize” their experience. In other words, cannabis fans use many carefully-crafted tools to elevate their experience.

There are loads of weed accessories on the dc dispensaries market nowadays, but a few have become staples in the cannabis community. Anyone who wants to add extra comfort to their weed sessions needs to consider stashing their shelves with a few of these accessories.

Accessorizing Your Weed Experience: A Few Product Suggestions For Pot Fans

Of the many accessories now available for cannabis consumers, a good grinder is arguably the essential tool. Even diehard tokers must admit that the days of snipping weed with scissors or plucking them with fingers are long gone. High-quality grinders ensure that all the trichomes on your buds go into your blunt, joint, or dry herb vaporizer. Plus, most grinders have kief catchers to give everyone the option for ultra-potent sessions.

There are many grinders to choose from nowadays, and the “perfect” option depends on your budget and preferences. However, many cannabis fans own at least one “cheaper” plastic grinder and one “higher-quality” steel multi-chamber grinder. The benefit of having both grinders is that you can take your weed smoking anywhere without worrying about damaging the high-end unit.

Aside from grinders, many tokers nowadays are getting hi-tech with devices like vaporizers and e-rigs. Although nothing can replace the sensation of rolling and lighting a joint, more people are opting for these vape devices to remove carcinogens from their smoking experience. Just be sure to review whether the vaporizer you’re interested in is for “dry herbs,” “concentrates,” or “vape juices.” Some units offer multi-functionality, while others are strictly for one vaping experience.

Also, consider whether you want to prioritize portability or quality in your vaping sessions. Typically, large desktop units offer the best quality hits, but they aren’t suitable for people who love to smoke on the go. By contrast, portable units are an excellent fit for cannasseurs who want an outdoor experience, but don’t expect desktop-level quality.

For those who can’t part with joints, there’s good news: You can order exceptional glass filters in many cannabis-friendly states. Simply attach these filters to the end of your joints and smoke through the tip. As the name suggests, these accessories will “filter out” carcinogens before they pass into your lungs.

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