How CBD Products Work

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Remember how we said that the stench of inflammation sets the receptors into tail rotation? CBD works to extinguish these fires.

CBD is derived from hemp, a non-psychoactive member of the cannabis family. Although hemp can be derived from marijuana, hemp is legal and contains only trace amounts (less than 0.3%) of THC, making it a much safer choice for pets.

The purpose of CBD is to bring homeostasis to a body system known as the endocannabinoid system. It blindly enters your bloodstream and seeks out the distressed receptors. Whether it’s knee pain, an upset stomach from food poisoning, or an anxiety attack from loneliness, cbd dog treats for pain detects receptors that send out negative signals.

When CBD finds its unfortunate receptors, it affects them indirectly by interacting with the body’s natural cannabinoid and other non-cannabinoid systems.

As a result, messages coming from the axions of these receptors are altered. When this happens, the brain receives less frantic messages. Following this realization, the symptoms associated with your condition should decrease, if not cease.

In the meantime, CBD works in two ways. Studies have shown that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. As the cause of many inflammatory conditions, CBD can make the symptoms virtually disappear!

The difference between CBD for humans and CBD for dogs
Now that we have a better understanding of how CBD works in humans, we will switch slightly here. Going forward, we will be referring to CBD specifically for dogs.

Many of the benefits of CBD for dogs are the same as those for humans. However, their bodies are a bit different. As a responsible owner, you need to understand how CBD works on a larger scale and scale it down for your fur babies.

CBD Benefits for Dogs
As we mentioned, many of the same benefits for humans can also apply to dogs. Studies on CBD have shown its effectiveness in relieving symptoms associated with the following conditions:
– Anxiety
– arthritis
– increased appetite
– appetite suppression
– bowel disease
– depression
– injury pain
– Postoperative care

This certainly covers a lot of ground and the list is expected to grow even larger. That’s because one of the last bills in Congress in 2018 was to enact a new farm bill. The Farm Bill legalized the production and sale of hemp products at the federal level.

This landmark act will increase demand for CBD products. Due to the long ban on hemp, research on CBD has not been extensive. With invisible hemp products, there is no need to investigate potential benefits for consumers.

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